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Please help.

Help me to stand on my own feet, eat by myself, dress by myself, take a pen or a book in my hand. Or to go for a walk. I wish no more. 

Although I’m already 29, I’m totally dependant on my parents’ help (thank God for them). My parents have sacrificed all their free time, professional ambitions and health just for me, but they are getting older…

My name is Jacek. Since birth I have suffered from infantile cerebral palsy to a degree doctors consider severe. The symptoms of my condition are spasticity of all limbs, loss of balance, involuntary movements, and impediment of speech. As a result, I’m unable to do anything for myself. The worst thing is that I’m completely normal mentally and fully aware of my condition, still I can do nothing to change it.

I graduated from secondary school with honours, but so what? I am very well computer-literate (I passed ECDL), but so what? I am quite good at chess and I have many interests just like any normal healthy guy, but so what? The fact is that physically I am as helpless as a baby.

In November 2012 I had an operation of instilling the stimulus to the left hemisphere of the brain. It is supposed to help me bring under control involuntary and dystonic movements. In the near future I will be facing the second operation like that to the right hemisphere. Unfortunately, if only they brought the expected effect, then a long and expensive rehabilitation will be necessary at special rehabilitation centers . To name just a few among others the Andrasa Institute the part of Petö in Budapest. It is famous worldwide from the best quality and effectiveness of the treatment with the so-called method of managed teaching. Most importantly, not only children, but also adults touched with cerebral palsy, i.e. the disease I suffer from can use this method. .Participation in a few rehabilitation batches at this Institute. is my dream. However in order to realize my dream I need several dozen thousand zlotys (the cost amount of one 6-weeks long batch is around 10 thousand PLN).

Good, but short-lived therapeutic results in my case are achieved also by injections of botulin toxin which causes reduction of muscle tensions (spastic ) for the period of 3-4 months. Then it is necessary to repeat the treatment all over. The National Health Fund, unfortunately, isn’t refunding this medicine, and it is very expensive . One small ampoule costs PLN 650. A disposable dose recommended me by the doctor is three ampoules. It is easy to calculate, that 2550PLN amounts to the cost of such a treatment (3 ampoules = 1950PLN + PLN 600 injection). Within one year I must go three such treatments, but it already cost… 
I don’t have that much and I haven’t had any luck on the lottery, either. My only hope is you, People of Good Will. If you would like to support a desperate young man in his fight for health and independence, please make a contribution to „Pay It Forward” Foundation „Zdążyć z pomocą” in Warsaw. This is where I am collecting funds for these purposes .

PL 90 2490 0005 0000 4530 9858 4994 USD
PL 82 2490 0005 0000 4600 7337 4309  EUR
with insertion
19332 – Paciorkowski Jacek

I will be grateful for every single dolar/euro

Fundacja ”Zdążyć z pomocą”

ul. Łomiańska 5
01-685 Warszawa
KRS: 0000037904

Jacek Paciorkowski